16th - 29th February 2012
Seeing the unseen"
Erminio Souza

London Gallery
18 Maddox Street
Mayfair London
W1 S 1 PL

1800 N Bayshore Dr | Miami, FL 33132
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Rua Caconde, 238 - Jardim Paulista- São Paulo
CEP 01325-010
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Each of us must face on things and people to invent and to know what their experiences, their personal fable in which acts as a leading man. Through his works, Erminio Souza redefines the visual space as the center of his artistic goals where the interior and exterior live as a human being, body and intensity.

The theater of life comes the stage of art for this artist who builds his creations on a double standard. The sphere of the visible, the quotidian, the tangible, stimulates touch with the momória and the perception of who crosses the threshold. Besides the physical aspect Erminio Souza opens a window, inviting the viewer to enter into another dimension, both galactic and metaphysics, raised for a scheme with geometric figures in motion.

The repetition of geometric images becomes a true journey of meditation through the above graduation chromatic creating hypnotic effects and mystics. Faith for the artist must "perform each step in the appropriate manner" and toward something sublime. Triangles, circles and lines are interwoven and repeatedly broadcast the observer the impression of a virtual image.

Through the work I NEED LIGHT, donated to the MUSEUM OF ART OF PARLIAMENT OF SAO PAULO, Erminio Souza will move into a kind of cubism, is not directing for a static monumentality of large volumes, more to reap from some stylistic rigor and the balance of images, a sense of excitement in life.

Emanuel Von Lauenstein Massarani
Critical Art

To practice a language among construction and abstract expressionism, like Erminio does, amount to focuses on a research of a visual art approach to music, when this is, in spite of its complex compositions, ever based on articulate just seven elements.

It isn’t necessary to say that this endeavor demands a perennial and powerful creativity. Ermínio owns that, just to amplify his shaping vocabulary faced to his centripetal compositions. And he shows himself ironic choosing similar arrangements, generally based on mandalic or centered configurations. Works with radial vectors out of center are unusual. On that, new centers without complete radial bundles and kept by astral rhythms, run to the painted surface borders. An association with cosmic space is reinforced by the artist’s chromatic uses to the background, where deeply colored dust creates fathomless universes. Sometimes, in these worlds, interlaced squares show the three-dimensional illusion beside flat formations with pure lines and uniform layers of color.

The newest Erminio’s works describe a geometrical fragmentation process when stern constructions are impossible. This formal research took them to a radical rupture with symmetry, mainly used by the artist before. Now, he uses new colors too. They are contrasting chromatic compositions between deep saturation and cloudy grays or blues or roses, arranged in order to show transparence and opacity fighting in a force field where flatness and volume nullify themselves

Dr. Vicente Vitoriano
Crítico de Arte, Artista Plástico e Professor da UFRN

The art if becomes more or less contagiante, depending on three conditions:
1 . The greater or minor particularitity of the transmitted feeling.
2 . The greater or minor clarity with which this feeling is transmitted
3 . The sincerity of the artist, that is, the greater or minor force with which the artist tries the feeling that she transmits.