16th - 29th February 2012
Seeing the unseen"
Erminio Souza

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The work of Erminio Souza is needed especially for its outstanding virtues plastic, with admirably disciplined technique, with the pace and rigor of composition and make his art an emotional experience of the abstract.

But apart from its numerous quality and color, his painting shows in the major benchmarks of the infinite dimensions of cosmic reality, the phenomenon of time and space, which has always fascinated man and had the first attempt to explain the cosmology of Plato.

In large areas of color that absorb and radiate the same time light and space, the artist Ermírio Souza prepares a language that gives us sudden visions of the items he painted, and increasing desafiando the area of our ideas, revealing the strength and emotion of the season we live in, the culmination, meditation and restlessness.

In the end, we have the conviction grateful to see and feel the works of Erm inio Souza, we are ahead of force creates a greater artist, is a thinking and sensitive, which manages through its expression of personal life and show the world that surrounds us from a different and unique.

Mali Frota Villas-Bôas
Art historian and criticizes.

The exhibition "Geometry of Color" from Erminio Souza is a tribute to the precursors of abstract art and constructivism of Wassily Kandinsky (1866 - 1944), Kazimir Malevich (1878 to 1935) and Piet Mondrian (1872 - 1944), founders and leaders of De Stijl, artistic movement that arose in Russia at the beginning of the twentieth century.

The principle of using the geometric shape, repetition, search for invention, abolition of volume and economy of the forms, along with a building, form the paintings to modern codes and Erminio in a constructive part in which the formal aspects, geometry and colors, have expressivity of their autonomy.

Erminio used different colors seeking a balance of images, effects of light and shadow, but also the creation of tones, acting, above all with their own values, which transmit sensations and feelings. In the structure of some of the songs, lines were created demarcando spaces, in which dispute strong contrasts of color. The lines that have been prevailing overlap in an independent, suggesting movement and speed, reviving the compositions.

Thus, the exposure of Erminio Souza is guided by a poetic related to "balance" in order that this means the self of the artist. And it shows his desire to translate harmony through the equivalence of relationships between shapes, lines and colors, which seek a structural balance doing an allusion to the pioneers Kandinsky, Malevich and Mondrian.

Querles Calábria
Art Criticism

Ermínio Souza - an Artist appraised for the vision subtility; the allegiance to the transparencies breathes in its workmanships; the magical luminosity of its exuberant colors and an extraordinary combination of abstraction, cubismo and geometry results in the largeness of its workmanships. The varied tones of its colors value the visual commentary that the Artist transmits in the creative process through its gorgeous paintings.

Lindaura Lopes da Cunha Cerqueira e Castro
Plastic Artist

It knows to transmit the essence of I, taking to the public the interpretation of the creativity, flowing of the plastic language, the multiple importance of the colors.The Ermínio composes for my optics a transparent, cosmic world in glad movement, transmitting through the inserted inclined lines softly the magic of the Love!

Maria Alair
Plastic Artist

Città di Firenze
Fortezza da Basso
30 Novembre - 8 Dicembre – 2013

According to our records, the International Selections Committee of the Florence Biennale, have expressed favorable opinion of your artwork in previous occasions. For this reason your name appears in our database as part of the artists selected for the IX Florence Biennale that will take place in the historical Fortezza da Basso in Florence from November 30 to December 8, 2013.

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