16th - 29th February 2012
Seeing the unseen"
Erminio Souza

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Erminio Francisco de Souza
Plastic Artist

In the cast of plastic artists who compose the culture of Brazil, Erminio Francisco de Souza if detaches mixing together its professional life to its familiar life. Therefore this workmanship goes to count in this space a little more on its family, its accomplishments and its identity with the city.

Been born in 31 of December of 1942, in They are Cristóvão, Rio De Janeiro, he is son of the alagoano Luiz Moraes de Souza, and of the sergipana Maria Enedina de Souza. Married with Juraci Santos de Souza (been born in 20/03/1945, in Waterfall of the Itapemirim - Espirito Santo), with who it has two children: Valeria Santos of Souza (08/03/1970) and Cristiane Santos de Souza (03/06/1971).

After to leave the internal college to the 16 years, with the barber profession, seeing in the recess hour a notice in the periodical on a picture of the Orlando Teruz, already commented with a friend who one day that would buy a picture as that one.

At last, the time was passing, our biography was to work as continuous in the BEG (Bank of the State of the Guanabara), later it made internal competition, and it followed going up of classroom in the hierarchy of the bank
until occupying the position of Operator of Exchange.

It was at this time that started to make a small collection of art of which they consisted: Di Cavalcante, Djanira, Panceti, Ado Malagoli, Silvio Pinto, Guignard and others, totalizing more or less 54 pictures, frequenting auctions in axle RJ/SP.

With the precocious retirement, therefore already it had started to work in six banks Banks, being that the last Atlantis Bank, had an intervention of the Central banking, had that to retire to the 51 years, therefore job was difficult. The retirement did not have right, therefore it only had 28 years of contribution.

Pensioner and with the children to support, made a trip Christmas - RN, liked the city very and decided to change with all the family, passing if to dedicate the painting entirely.

To the few it was Selling its screens. In this height it discovered the geometric abstract style. He was fascinated, and today it paints up to 12 hours per day, leading on average 25 days to paint a picture, therefore in the majority of the pictures the overlapping of colors, predominates.

Recently, Erminio received the Heading from Artistic and Cultural Prominence, for the Brazilian Academy of Art, Culture and History, waiting that he is the first one of a series, that much honored it.

Its relation with the city of São Paulo started when our biography knew exerted the Position of Operator of Exchange, of the Bamerindus Bank controlling e of Operations of Exchange of the Bank Harvest in 1988. The expectation was valid all that had in relation the city.

Today, the contact continues being through its work, however in the area culture. It admires it for excellent experts of arts, and the support that had of the Brazilian Academy of Art, Culture and History, where recently carried through an individual exposition in the Cultural Polar region House of the Farm of the Morumbi.

Too much expositions: Salão de Artes Plásticas de Natal/RN, Núcleo de Arte e Cultura da UFRN/RN, Salão XIII Unifor Plástica - Fortaleza/CE, Salão da Semana da Marinha - Natal/RN (3° Lugar), Exposiçoes Intinerantes no Museu das Americas - Miami, Argentina Setembro 2010 a fevereiro 2011, MIAMI RIVER ART FAIR (Miami Convention Center) Dezembro de 2012.

Individuais: Capitania das Artes - Natal/RN, Pinacoteca do Rio Grande do Norte/RN, Galeria Rubens Valentin - Brasília/DF, Núcleo de Arte e Cultura da UFRN/RN, Núcleo de Arte Contemporânea da UFPB/PB - Galeria Rubens Valentin – Brasília/DF, Núcleo de Arte e Cultura da UFRN/RN, Núcleo de Arte Contemporânea da UFPB/PB, Titulo de Destaque Artístico e Cultural. (Academia Brasileira de Artes, Cultura e História-Casa da Fazenda - São Paulo), Praia Shopping – Natal/RN, Panorama Galeria de Arte – Salvador/BA, Galeria Mali Villas-Bôas, 14ª exposição internacional de Vendas Novas - Portugal, VI Salão União Nacional dos Artistas Plásticos – São Paulo (Prêmio: Destaque Artístico e Cultural), VI Salão União Nacional dos Artistas Plásticos – São Paulo (Pêmio:Grande Medalha de Ouro – Conjunto de Obras “Caminho da Luz, Composição I e Composição II – 2006”), II Salão Nacional de Artes Plástica,Comemorativo dos 453 anos de São Paulo. (Troféu Leonardo da Vinci; Brasão Incentivador das Artes Plásticas), XXXII Salão Nacional de Artes Plásticas – São Paulo (Troféu Augusto Severo; Gráu de Cavaleiro - Conjunto de Obras: "E o dia Clareou" e "O triângulo – 2007"), I Bienal Internacional de Artes Plásticas – Sorocaba- São Paulo (Medalha de Bronze), Waylight - Eventos - "Talentos do Brasil em Portugal - Portugal"
(Prêmio Grande Medalha de Ouro), 14ª exposição internacional de Vendas Novas - Portugal, TAM GALLERY - Artenade Winter Exhibition 2008 in Tallinn - Estônia
- União Nacional dos Artistas Plástico - São Paulo (Personalidade do Ano 2009 - Prêmio Vicent Van Gogh)- 03/2010 V Salão Nacional de Artes Plastica Internacional da Mulher - Centro Cultural da Marinha - São Paulo
Prêmio: Paleta de Ouro.

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